EDP Vilar de Mouros 2017

Golden Slumbers

25/08/2017 - Palco Principal

They were born in late 2013, in the room of sisters Catarina and Margarida Falcão, as a result of their passion for folk music. In spite of the youth of the project, the Golden Slumbers arrive at Vilar de Mouros with solid evidence given in both, disc or stage. Proofs of this are the two already released albums, the EP “I Found the Key” (2014), where the single “My Love Is Drunk” came from, and the album “The New Messiah” (2016). To add are the concerts all over the country, especially the performances at NOS Alive, Bons Sons, Seated People Festival and Vodafone Mexefest, among others. Along the way, the Golden Slumbers also saw their talent recognized with the Best New Artist nomination at the Portugal Festival Awards in 2015. This year, the duo took part in the National Song Festival, interpreting a theme by Samuel Úria.

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