EDP Vilar de Mouros 2017

The Boomtown Rats

26/08/2017 - Palco Principal

Led by the irreverent Bob Geldof, the “father” of Live Aid, the Boomtown Rats will land at Vilar de Mouros to celebrate their 40th anniversary. A whole life devoted to music, which began in Ireland in 1975, brought forth by the raw punk that sprang at the time. As the songs back then, the life of the Boomtown Rats was fast and lasted only until 1986, when due to the increasing prominence of Geldof – who had already shone as an actor in “Pink Floyd: The Wall” (1982) -, the band decided to take a sabbatical period. However, counting only with ten years, the Boomtown Rats had already made history: tours alongside Ramones and Talking Heads, the sold-out concerts famous for Geldof’s provocative attitude, and songs like “Rat Trap”, which reached #1 in the British Top. “She’s so Modern”, “Banana Republic” and particularly “I Do not Like Mondays” have earned the Boomtown Rats a distinctive place, adding up Platinum Records and prizes, Brit Awards, Ivor Novellos and Grammy Awards. In 2013, and after a long hibernation, Geldof – who had been holding a solo career – joined his former teammates Garry Roberts, Pete Briquette and Simon Crowe for a performance at the legendary Isle of Wight Festival. The performance was an awakening of emotions, it renewed energies; and since then, the Rats have not stopped.