EDP Vilar de Mouros 2017

The Psychedelic Furs

26/08/2017 - Palco Principal

The Psychedelic Furs is another of the pearls that will turn up at Vilar de Mouros. Created in 1977 the group is responsible for hits such as “Love My Way”, “Heaven”, “The Ghost In You”, and “Heartbreak Beat”. However, it was mostly with “Pretty In Pink” that the Psychedelic Furs definitely stated themselves, much by virtue of John Hughes’s 1986 film, which used this song. The band would split in 1992 after a gruelling tour and seven albums, but it would meet again in 2001. After that, the Furs have given no more respite, and at Vilar de Mouros they will surely seduce and shiver everybody’s skin.